Salmon/Orca advocates pan Corps Commander remarks about lower Snake dam benefits

October 21, 2015

Dear Lt. Col. Vail:

We write to express concern over comments written by or attributed to you 1) at the
October 3rd Free the Snake Flotilla, 2) in recent letters-to-the editor, 3) in recent news ar-
ticles, and 4) on the Corps of Engineers’ current website.

To a participant during the Flotilla event you noted your appreciation for such events
as expressions of American democracy at work. We would hope you also tout an informed
citizenry as crucial to democracy and consider it your mandate as a government official—
particularly one of your rank and influence— to provide the public with accurate, data-veri-
fiable information.

In light of that mandate, we challenge, as detailed below, several of your recent com-
ments (in bold): …

Read the full letter sent to Lt. Col. Timonthy Vail here…