Your ad in the Jan. 7, 2018 Seattle Times

JAN 7, 2018

Dear Supporters,

The song of Rhapsody (J32) resonates deeply throughout the outpouring of your heartfelt energy towards supporting lower Snake River dam breaching to save the 76 critically endangered salmon eating Southern Resident orcas from extinction. The character of the Pacific Northwest is at stake. Just as First Peoples literally carved the orca and salmon into their cultural heritage, so to do we the people carve out channels of truth and action.

Please watch for this ad in the Jan. 7 Seattle Times. Look for more this week! Learn something new, and share it with your friends, neighbors and relatives! Sign the petition here: Call Gov. Inslee at 360-902-4111. Call Sen. Murray at 206-553-5545. Ask them if they have seen it. Ask them why the 2002 EIS is not being discussed! The dams can be breached now without Congressional legislation.